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Wedding is one of the most beautiful moments in our life. This is a celebration, which one remembers through all one’s life.
As dances and cheerfulness are part of any celebration, it had become an actual tendency for new couples choose to hire Dj’s instead of having live music. This is not only based on financial reasons, but in the fact that newlywed wish to listen in music that is special, favorite and close to them. This music usual varies between different styles and exceeds the possibilities of live band. Another important aspect is the fact that a Dj can provide music through all the evening without any brakes, starting from ceremony, going through “warmer atmosphere”, till the sun shines.
I, Alekss Hercberg, professional wedding and banquet Dj and my colleagues from Dj association Djpakalpojumi.lv are having experience in providing music in many weddings and banquets and especially in weddings where one of the newlyweds, or even both, is from a foreign country. We have played for people coming from Germany, France, England, Italy, USA and even India. These have been our best events. (Foreigners usually are not as indolent as Latvians).
One special feature about weddings is the fact that it unites different people, who have various tastes in music. We know how to feel the common mood of people and to create a perfect party for you. Let us warn you – legs will hurt!

See you soon!
Alekss Hercbergs
A professional party DJ

Phone: +371 29395163 E-mail: dj(at)djpakalpojumi.lv